This blog is for everyone who reads to and with children. I post reading techniques, book recommendations, and related topics.



Reading aloud has tremendous benefits for a child's development. Reading aloud increases a child's vocabulary, attention span, memory, and listening skills. But how do you read aloud when your baby seems to be more interested in eating the book? What do you do when Junior wanders away at story time? Is it possible for you, personally, to stand one more reading of Captain Underpants?

No fear--Actively Reading is here! The book recommendations, tips, and techniques from this site will make reading a pleasure for everyone at your house. Actively Reading's motto: life is too short to read boring books! Soon, you too will be actively reading.

Building a library on a budget? No problem--check out this post for tips and tricks. Stay tuned!



My name is Jane and I live in the New York City metropolitan area. I am an active reader myself and mom to a first grader who loves reading. I have been recommending books to my friends with children for years. With expanding from a group email format into a blog, I hope to spur a larger conversation--because I love books, reading, and talking about books and I can't wait to hear from you!

I welcome guest posts--if you're interested in writing a post, let me know! I can be reached at